Painting the backdrop

The painting has begun. First step was to paint the base colour. This was particularly important for the piece of cloth used here as it isn’t a new piece of cloth – it was painted up with a barn interior image from a previous play.

The cloth is attached to a flight bar so that it can easily be moved up and out of the way during painting.  I’m painting the backdrop while others are doing the set, being able to move the back cloth up into the ceiling makes this easier for everyone.

All together what you see here took three hours to paint. Next step is to add in the details.



Setting the scene

Some time ago I got roped into helping with the scenery and back cloth designs at my local theatre (The Nomad Theatre). This week I am back to start painting the cloths for the next play Whistle Down The Wind. There are two different scenes that I am going to paint, the first is going to have a corn field view, and the second will show a road over pass and a neon road sign. I’ve put the initial sketches together. Next step to start painting. Its fun doing the back drops, but not quite what I am used to – large rollers and huge tubs of paints rather than my dainty cutters and paint brushes! Progress report to come.

scene1 scene2

Reindeer advent

Today I got to open two advent calendars, both courtesy of my sister.

When we were children, my sister and I had an advent calendar, made by our Mum, with individual bags filled with a treat for us each day. When my sister got married with last year, she got given the calendar. My advent last year went by with no chocolate! This year I opened up two parcels to find two calendars, one my sister had made and the other she had bought.

The homemade calendar was inspired by a boden blog, but instead of numbered luggage labels, the numbers have been written on with 3D fabric paint. The shop bought calendar came from Davids Tea.

The first day of advent was filled with a minty herbal tea and some fuzzy nail polish (the kids at school are going to love it). No chocolate though- fingers crossed for tomorrow!

IMG_4469 IMG_8635 IMG_3345IMG_2774IMG_4315

Jigsaw fish

I’ve been living in boxes for almost a year. But its finally time to unpack everything. In the box I was sorting out yesterday, I found a gift from last Christmas, unopened and forgotten. The gift in question is a 3D Angelfish jigsaw model. Naturally, I instantly stopped unpacking and set to make the model.

IMG_0646 copy

The instructions (if you could call them that) were awful, consisting of a picture with numbered pieces but no indication of how they should go together, or in what order. All you get is a picture of the finished model.




The whole process was very satisfying. Although as soon as I finished, I noted the comment on painting, or drawing the puzzle. Really this should be step 1 – much easier to paint the pieces before putting the model together. I’m sure I can find a way to do this without taking it apart though. Just need to find the box with the paints…


Winging it

I have always liked insects; their complicated intricate bodies are fascinating to look at. And have been thinking about starting a series of lino butterfly images for a while.

I finally got around to putting pen to paper last night. These are pencil, pen and ink  drawings on which I will base some my prints. As well as the design and outline, the different shades of grey indicate where the different printing layers might go.

These are just the first sketches. But I find that black and grey with another colour helps when it comes to dividing up the different printing stages. They also remind me what my intentions were once printing has started – I don’t work from a plan, but the sketches stop me going too crazy!

IMG_9240 IMG_0616 IMG_0621