Arhhhhhh I’m alive !!!

As I am sure you all know, life can be very inconvenient at times and mine has been constantly getting in the way of all my artistic endeavors for far too long. But I am back and I have so much to share with you all.

Instead of offloading everything at once I thought I would start small.

This is a line drawing I have just finished, which features on the front of an invitation for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party – congratulations Granny and Grandpa! [I think the invitations have been posted so this shouldn't spoil the surprise too much!]


Birthday letters

It was my sister’s birthday last week. She had some friends over for dinner and while they were over, some of them had a go at lino printing. Katherine is off to the USA tomorrow. Each of us designed an image to go on a card, which we could then write and send to her. As a general note, lino printing and cocktails should not be combined. Luckily no hands were hurt in the making of these cards.

Anna's Owl.

Anna’s Owl.

Sophie's Owls.

Sophie’s Owls.

Katherine printing.

Katherine printing.

My houses and katherine's pattern.

My houses and katherine’s pattern.

Prints drying in the convservatory.

Prints drying in the conservatory. Katherine’s, Sophie’s and Nia’s prints.

The result of lino printing and alcohol is sad houses :(

The result of lino printing and alcohol is sad houses :(

Sam's witch.

Sam’s witch.

I have perhaps left the wrapping a little late. Just finished the last of the presents to go under the tree. I decided to print some of my own paper this year using the squiggle tree design. I am very pleased with how it came out, but unlikely to do it again – each sheet took a few hours to print. Beautiful, but perhaps not the best use of time!

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


I finally found managed to finish the origami envelopes! I didn’t want them to get folded or damaged, so I found some display folders to put them in. I then added a tag to the front. Each set has its own little monster drawn on the tag. I also included an instruction sheet and stickers – just to make the envelopes a little more secure in the post.






Balmedie beach print

Here is my finished Balmedie beach lino print. It doesn’t correspond exactly yo any of the sketches I made, but rather has a little bit of each in it.


Balmedie beach

I managed to find an afternoon during my recent trip to Scotland to go out to Balmedie beach. I took the dog with me, went for a walk and then found a nice sand dune to sit and draw. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos to show you, but I did put some up in a previous post from September last year. I’ll put the pictures here again to save you have to click back and forth, they don’t quite correspond to the images I have drawn but at least they give you an idea.

Balmedie beach.

Balmedie beach.

Balmedie beach.

Balmedie beach.







I am just in the process of turning one of these images into a print. Just waiting for it to dry and then I will put it up here and share it with you.

Tea towels

The last few days have been spent folding, rolling and wrapping tea towels. After the success of the squiggle heart canvas bag, I decided that I would put my design onto something else. The squiggle designs work quite well for printing onto textules as they are relatively simple and only require one colour. Rather than bags I decided to screen print the designs on to tea towels. The designs I chose were ‘Three little girls’ and ‘Carrots’. I still need to take some better pictures, but here are the ones I have so far. I was having a little trouble getting nice images of the full length tea towels. If anyone has any good ideas let me know.

people v2


carrots visual





They are available on folksy. Just click here to visit the shop.




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