Butterfly spreads its wings

The final layer is printed! This brown addition finishes the butterfly.

The final image.

I have to let the ink dry. Then I can sign my name, and add the print number to each print that makes it through the final check.

Final image hanging up to dry.

This one has taken a while to complete – the downside of having a full time job that isn’t art!

The fourth cut

With all these different layers, the lino plate is beginning to look a little sparse. The final few cuts are always the most exciting for me. This is the point where, after working on an image for weeks, I can either mess it all up, or it magically comes together.  


I obviously plan the layers out, but I never really know what it is going to look like until I lift the paper out of the press and peel back the lino.

The ink is still wet from the last layer. I (and you) will have wait until it is dry to decide on how it turned out.