Etching and Scratching

When I am not sure how to proceed with a print, I sometimes take a sideways step and do an etching. 

You might remember that I recently started on a butterfly print. I went back to this today, but couldn’t decide on which parts to cut out next. So I started on an etching to clarify my mind. 

This is the etching plate.  I use plastic sheets and a hand etching tool to scrape away the image. 

The wood for the trees

The Nomad theatre, which I paint backdrops for, is about to put on a new show: Sisterly Feelings. They asked for a woodland sceen for the backdrop. 

First thing I had to do was cover the previous image (Welcome to Louisiana). I started with green and a darker green camouflage effect on top.

Rather than the paint brushes I decided to just get in there – sometimes the best thing you can do is just stick your hands in the paint and get messy!

A studio finally

I have a useable studio! Spent the last week making tables from wooden palettes. With the help of my Dad I now have two tables – one to work at and the other for my printing press. The tables still need to be painted – ideas for colours welcome!

The new work space inspired me to get out my cutting tools and start on a new project – one of my earlier butterfly sketches. Its amazing how the right space gives you the motivation to do something. No more working at the kitchen table, or out in a freezing cold shed!




Paint your own wedding

One of the main reasons for my blogging absence in 2013 was my sister’s wedding. With her in the USA and the taking place in the UK, there was lots for me to do! It wasn’t all hard work though. I also got to organise the hen party!

We had an arty day painting pottery that was then used at the wedding. My sister picked the colours and then everyone went crazy! It’s a really fun day out – I’d recommend doing it even without the party and wedding. In fact I’ve been back quite a few times to paint my own crockery.

The pictures below show the end results (the cake plate was my contribution).