The fourth cut

With all these different layers, the lino plate is beginning to look a little sparse. The final few cuts are always the most exciting for me. This is the point where, after working on an image for weeks, I can either mess it all up, or it magically comes together.  


I obviously plan the layers out, but I never really know what it is going to look like until I lift the paper out of the press and peel back the lino.

The ink is still wet from the last layer. I (and you) will have wait until it is dry to decide on how it turned out. 

Ready, steady, print.

Ready, steady, print.

 The third layer has now been printed. As you can see I went with a darker pink ( a dusky blush colour ). I made the colour by using some ink from the previous layers (carefully saved in a air tight tin ) and mixing warm red, warm yellow and sepia in to it along with some linseed oil.  


 I I will probably only do one, or two more layers. I’m thinking reds and browns.  


Adding colour to the wings

I have finally found the time to print the second layer on my butterfly print. I have cut out some more of the lino to give the wings better definition and add more detailed structure.


I went for a peach colour, with quite a lot of white as a base for the ink. This has helped to limit the amount of the background yellow that shows through. (With the two colours so close, there was a risk they would just blur into each other).

Now to cut again.

Pen and Ink in Ludlow 

This week I am away visiting my family in Ludlow and enjoying the sunshine. The sun inspired me to get outside with my sketch book and pen to do a few sketches.  

The house as viewed from the garden. 5 min pen drawing.


Small corner of Ludlow Castle. 5 min pen drawing.

Flower in the garden. 5 min pen drawing with ink pencils and water.

Horthorn by the fence. 10 min ink pencils with water sketch.