NEOS has started.

Today is the third day of North East Open studios (NEOS) and in a few hours we will be open to the public again.

Susie Hunt.

The photo above is of Susie Hunt, my Aunt, in her studio at Mill Farm. She has very kindly given me some space in her studio at NEOS for the last 2 years and I am at mill farm again this year. Susie, originally from Kent, is the founder of the North East Open Studio Event and is a very good watercolourist. The grey hound picture in the photograph above is part of a painting demonstration Susie has been doing at NEOS. She has also been working on a life study of movement.

Study of movement.

I have set up my things at one end of the studio in front of some of Susie’s work. She has very kindly let me take some photos to show you all. I have been sitting opposite the painting below and it is one of my favourites.

With the rain, some deer.

She painted this at the end of a whole day of drawing. Just as Susie was packing up, four deer just appeared in front of her. She drew them as fast as she could before they disappeared. As you can see she only had time to draw three. Here are some more pieces of her work:

Silver birch.

Fallen tulip.

Alan Florence is also showing his work with us at Mill Farm. His work is very different, but the contrast of styles is something I really like. I think it makes people stop and look at the work more.

Blue Mihr.

That is enough of other people’s work for now. Here are some of my new pictures framed and hanging on the wall.

Bonfire. £100 framed, £75 unframed.

This is my favorite piece of my own work at the exhibition and I am really pleased with the comments I have been getting. Everyone seems to like it.

Reflection in the water (above). Light through the trees (below). £70 framed, £50 unframed.

Bumble bee (left). French Marigold (right). £65 framed, £45 unframed.

Field of daises (above -SOLD!). Parrot Tulip (below). £60 framed, £40 unframed

Right people should be starting to arrive soon time to get to work!

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