Day 6.

Today is the 6th day of NEOS. I had a really long day yesterday. A lady came in to take part in a one-on-one workshop. It was great, she made a lovely three layer reduction print, but I was completely exhausted after three hours of one-on-one. You can see a photo of the print she made below.

Image produced in lino printing demonstration.

I thought I would tell you about some of the other people that are with us at Mill Farm this year. We have Louise Gardener who is a brilliant stone sculptor. Watching her work has been a real eye opener for all of us.  The photo below shows the piece that she is currently working on.

Louise Gardener.

I will take another photo at the end of the week to show you how the work has progressed. I think you will be surprised at how different the stone looks after she has been working on it for 11 days in the barn. We also have some pieces in the studio by Alana Florence, she is a textile artist and has some beautiful hangings on display.

Textile hanging by Alana Florence.

Print from a textile hanging by Alana Florence.

The picture above shows my favourite piece of Alana’s; the fishes just appeal to me. It is a textile image that has been translated in to a wallpaper by a printmaker.
Below you can see some of my work in progress. This is what I have been working on while in Scotland in between all the demoing and lessons. I have finished this sparkler print, with the final two layers of purple and blue. (Sorry the photograph isn’t very good).

Sparkler print by Anne E Thomas

I also have been working on some small card designs. The top image will be birds sitting on a fence. The bottom card is a landscape image.

Card print (in progress).

Card print Landscape.

It has been nice to do something small so that people can see the progression from layer to layer. It definitely makes it easier to explain the techniques that I use to people when they come in.

One thought on “Day 6.

  1. I love the birds sitting on a fence and the landscape card. I think you should get a stall at Camden market. I was talking to someone at Camden the other day who designs cards/ pictures etc and she has been approached by Paperchase!

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