NEOS is finished!

Sunday was the last day of NEOS and it was really great last day. The sun came out and the people flocked. Lots of people came who had shown at Mill Farm on previous years; it was really nice to see them. It is always good to finish on a high.
So as promised here are some pictures of Louise Gardener’s sculpture so that you can see how te piece has developed over the last nine days.

Sculpture by Loiuse Gardener.

Sculpture by Louise Gardener.

The fish are really beginning to come out of the stone and you can see how it is going to become a working bird bath when it is done.
My big piece of news is that I sold one of the new pieces I was working on over the weekend. I sold one to Louise and Susie asked to have one too, which I gave to her for letting me stay for the last two weeks. It is really nice to know that other artists liked my work enough to want to have it on the wall in their home. Here is a picture of the piece half done. You can see the print and the lino side by side. In total the final print has 5 different layers.

Print in progress.

Yesterday was spent returning Susie’s studio to normal and packing every thing away.  Today I took the
opportunity to go to the beach at Balmedie and do some sketching. It was nice to get out and blow some of the cobwebs away before the monster drive back to Surrey tomorrow.

Balmedie beach.

Balmedie beach.

This is Balmedie Beach from the top of the tallest sand dune that I was able to climb up. The sea air was eactly what I needed after 9 days of open studios!

4 thoughts on “NEOS is finished!

  1. Lovely Photos particularly of Louises sculpture – a grand time for us all. Thanks from Maybelle for taking her to run on the beach… xx Susie

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