A posy of flowers.

I thought it was time to upload some images of my newest work. I am going to start with the flowers; it seemed appropriate with all the beautiful weather we have been having. There are five images in this series, my favourite of which is probably the parrot tulip, partly because it is subtler than my images normally are and the many subtle layers help to give the image depth and partly just because.

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The first image is ‘Field of Daisies’. The picture was inspired by the daisies growing on the lawn at home. The colours are very subtle as with ‘Parrot Tulip’, much more subtle than normal, but I am really pleased with the way it turned out.
‘The Bumblebee’ and ‘French Marigolds’ were both done at the same time. ‘French Marigolds’ was printed for a wedding invitation and I just love it. The oranges and yellows make it very summery. In ‘The Bumblebee’, you can see a bee at rest on a flower sipping the plants nectar. The different cuts of the lino give depth to the bee’s body and make it look like the wing is coming out of the page. A bumblebee out collecting pollen is something that you can see all summer long and to me is a beautiful thing. The marigolds in this picture fill the background, eventually blurring in to nothing.
The fifth image is called ‘Foxglove’. I love the way that foxgloves grow, with their tall spikes of bell-shaped flowers all  hanging down. The pretty pink petals with the dark spots on the inside make it an interesting flower to draw.
These pictures along with all the others I have uploaded so far can be found on the Artwork page.

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