Snowdrops or Robins?

I have been commissioned by someone (Katherine, my sister) to do a small printing run of hand made original Christmas cards. The cards will act as a card, obviously, but will also be a Christmas present for her friends. I think it is a really nice idea to give art as a gift.  I am going to use this commission to show you how my art develops from the initial idea to the final finished piece of art.

Step 1: sketch some designs.

To fit the brief, the image must be a Christmas design but, it shouldn’t look too ‘christmasy’ so that it can happily be hung on the wall during the rest of the year. I have decided to go down the winter route. My first idea is snow drops. This incorporates winter and snow, so is suitable for a Christmas card. But unlike a Christmas tree or Poinsettia, snow drops are not too strongly associated with Christmas day itself. The image below shows the initial sketches I have made of potential snowdrop designs.


Robins are also a possibility. Again they are associated with winter but do not scream Christmas in the same way a Reindeer might. Here are a couple of sketches of robins from my sketchbook.
Robin from behind.
Close up of feet and head.

Robin sitting on a branch.

Katherine has not yet told me what she thinks, but I am hoping that she goes for the robin design. Perhaps if enough people comment below saying how much they like the robin we can persuade her!

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