Bonfire night at theGALLERY.

Exciting news, some of my pictures are going to be hanging, from this weekend, in a gallery in Shropshire. The gallery is called ‘theGALLERY‘ and is located in Bishop’s Castle. The pictures are going to be on display as part of the gallery’s  bonfire night themed display.

Bonfire. For me this image invokes everything I love about having a bonfire; the smell of burning leaves and the warm glowing feeling on your face.

Bonfire night is one of my favourite times of  the year. I love the brightness of fireworks against the dark sky and the beautiful colours and shapes they make.

Fireworks 1 and 2. These tricolour images show that moment of extreme brightness after the firework goes bang.

As you can see from the images bonfire night provides me with plenty of inspiration!

5th November. This picture was created from a long exposure photo I took on bonfire night last year. I developed the image with sketching and this rather abstract image is the result.


If you are in the Bishop’s Castle area then please pop into theGALLERY. Along with my work they have a lot of  really nice art on display. Their blog has updates on what is going on.

Autumn Lights. This is one of the images I demonstrated during NEOS. It portrays the ambiance of bonfires and sparklers.


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