Preparing the lino.

Once you have sketched and finalised your design. The next step is to prepare the printing tile.

Step 3: Prepare for printing.

Scan your image and print it out (you could also photocopy) onto thin paper. Stick some  carbon paper onto the back of the image using spray mount and place it on top of your printing tile. For the Christmas robin I am using both lino and Japanese plywood. Make sure that the tile is the same size as the image you want to create (and that you have drawn).

Scan and print out the image.

If you use multiple printing tiles, make sure that they are both the same size. Otherwise when you come to print it will be harder to get the layers to overlay properly. Then trace through the design onto the tile.

Lino and plywood tiles with the design traced on.

The plywood is going to be used for the final print – the top layer of the image. To make sure I don’t cut away the wrong parts, I  have coloured the areas that I definitely do not want to cut away in felt tip pen. For the lino I have drawn the whole image. This is to make it easier when cutting and printing the different layers and to help keep everything aligned.

Note: Any words you have on the design should be drawn back to front so that they come out correctly in the final print. If you use a thin paper this can be easily done by turning the paper over and tracing through from the back side.


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