Travel and draw.

This weekend I have come to Göttingen, Germany to visit my sister. On Friday she had to work, so I went out to do some sketches. Inspired by a recent blog I decided to go to a nearby lake and sketch reflections. Below are some photos and the sketches I drew. I would say to anyone thinking of going out sketching in Göttingen this time of year to dress up warm, as when you are sketching you are not moving. I wasn’t wearing quite enough layers and I froze!

The bridge over the river.

This is the first sketch I did. It shows the bridge I had to walk over to get to the lake.

Sketch of bridge reflected in the water.

Pine trees.

Pine tree sketch.

Don't feed the ducks.

I sketched this sign as I liked the way it seemed to be refelcted twice in the water. It apparently tells people not to feed the ducks (although I am taking my sister’s word for this).


There were lots of ducks swimming on the lake and I didn’t feed a single one, but I did get chased by a swan. I really like the bottom duck, it was a very quick one minute sketch, but it turned out so welll I am going to use it for a print.

Quack quack!

Tree trunck reflected in water.

I didn’t take any coloured pencils with me to Germany, the handbaggage allowance wasn’t big enough, so all the sketches had to be done in black, white and sharpie.

Sketch of tree trunk reflected in water.


The reeds were the last sketches I did, I was getting very cold by this point so they were very quick sketches.

Sketch of some reeds found growing around the lake.

More reeds.


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