Drink chai and draw.

Yesterday I visited the sites of Göttingen including the Gaenseliesel; a statue of a girl that all the graduates kiss upon grauation. They also give the girl some flowers. You can see the remainders from last week’s graduation on the goose.

The gaenseliesel

We stopped in the botanical garden cafe to have tea and warm up. The cafe’s speciality is persian chai served in a bowl. I had chai with cinnamon and honey and Katherine with saffron and rose water. They were both really good.

Katherine drinking her chai.

These bowls are huge, so while drinking I drew some sketches of the plants outside the window.

View from where I was sat in the cafe.

Unfortunatley the view wasn’t all that exciting – a wall, a lantern and some green leaves.

Me sketching.

Lantern sketch.

Leaf sketch.

After the chai, we visited the botanical gardens. The outside was rather bare in the cold autumn, but inside the greenhouses there were lots of beautiful flowers. I filled up the camera with pictures to use later. Here is one of my favourites.

Botanical gardens in Goettingen.


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