Hike and draw.

The Harz mountains are beautiful. On Sunday I went hiking in the woods around Herzberg and Lonau. The Harz is the highest mountain range in Northern Germany, with the highest mountain – the Brocken ~ 1,100m. We were in the foothills at the edge of the national park.

When we left in the morning, Göttingen was surrounded by frozen fog, we dressed up warmly and hoped for the best. By the time we arrived in Herzberg the fog had lifted (or we had driven out of it), the sun was shining and we had far too many layers on!

First stop was Herzberg itself. The town was completely empty and everything was shut – as is the case in most German towns on a Sunday. We sat by the lake and while I drew some sketches, Katherine planned the hiking route.

The willow trees around the lake looked great in the sunlight. I got some lovely pictures of the leaves reflected in the water.

I made a sketch of the tree in pencil and sharpie. The green sharpie I had with me was a little dark, so I just sketched in the orange and yellow that I saw.

I also sketched some of the many ducks swimming around.

I didn’t draw any sketches in the Harz itself – it is actually rather hard to hike and draw, but I did take a lot of photos to use later. Here are a few of my favourites.


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