The robins red breast.

The robin design I am printing is going to have four layers in total. While the first layer is drying, it is time to think about the second.

Step 5: The second layer.

The first thing to do, if you haven’t already done so, is to clean any remaining ink from the Lino. Do this with dry kitchen paper rather than a wet cloth. If the Lino tile gets wet it might shrink or become misshapen as it dries. I work with oil-based inks and so use white spirit to help remove the leftovers. (Even if you use water-based inks, try to avoid getting the Lino wet.)

Now you can start cutting the second layer. This time cut away everything that you want to remain the colour of the first layer. Here I cut away everything I wanted to stay the yellow peach colour.

For the second layer I decided to print two colours at the same time – red and green. In general it is better to print the colours separately on subsequent layers to avoid merging and blurring. For this print however, I didn’t want the green layer on the robin or the red on the tree and there was no way of printing the two colours separately.

The second cut.

Using the registration marker on your paper, line up the first print with the Lino tile, press down the tile and print the second layer. Then leave the image to dry.

The second layer. I have added the red on the robin and the green on the branch.


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