Now On Folksy.

It has been a while since my last blog. Sorry. I have been printing Christmas cards like a crazy person for my Mum and friends. I will put the pictures up soon, but first I wanted to show you all my new folksy shop. Yes, I have finally joined the modern age. At the moment I have listed my professionally printed cards of Heart, Sparkler, Audience and French marigold prints.

Cards packaged for Folksy

I also have put up a few of my original reduction lino prints. Only 5 to start with: Reflection on Water, Light Through Trees, Frequency, Cascade and Bonfire.

Have a nosy round and let me know what you think. If there is anything that you would like to see listed let me know.

One last thing, I should say is a thank you to my big sis Katherine as she did all the technical mumbo jumbo for me. and she just gave me a big unsubtle hint that a big THANK YOU wouldn’t go amiss.


4 thoughts on “Now On Folksy.

  1. I really like your reflections on Water print. The colours you’ve chosen work really well for this.
    I have just finished an art course and we were shown reduction lino, but not to such effect as your work. You have inspired me to try some more.

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