A Squiggly Valentines.

I recently had some work returned to me from a gallery where it was being shown. The gallery is in the process of changing premises.  To make it easier for them and to make sure nothing got lost or damaged I picked my work up before the move happened. Amongst the things they had were some of my squiggly hearts. There were only eight left  out of fifteen originally printed – which is really good. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I thought it was a good chance to add some more items to my folksy shop and see how they do. I put them up yesterday and have already sold three! The cards were originally printed in gold, red, black and green.

Red Squiggle Heart.

Green Squiggle Heart.

Gold Squiggle Heart.

Black Squiggle Heart.

I love doodling. Every little piece of paper I have lying around ends up with some squiggle or other drawn on it. I find that when I am just doodling with out thinking the ideas can just flow, its a mind set thing perhaps. The heart was the result of one of these and has been a very popular designs. The hearts are mounted as cards, but I think they look equally good (if not better) framed and hung on the wall.

I have also put up some other hand printed cards. These were inspired by one of my favourite views at my Aunt’s house in Scotland.

Pine Tree Card.


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