The Directors Cut.

I have been invited to take part in an exhibition being held by the 5 to 9 collective. The exhibition will explore how art and design can inspire and help you to “beat the grind” of day-to-day working. The theme reflects the group’s shared passion to work creatively, as well as entertaining and inspiring others to pursue their own goals.

The exhibition is going to be held in an empty shop in Epsom, Surrey, UK  and runs from the 4th-10th February 2012. The venue is in the process of being setup for the exhibition. I will try and remember to put up some photos of the transformation from breeze blocks to gallery. The  shop looks tiny from the street, but is actually bigger than a lot of galleries, it is a great space. I am all excited now!

Also exhibiting at ‘The Directors Cut’ will be Emily Angus, Emily Kay, Joe Banner and Matt Plummer.

Now the important details for all those who would like to come along:

And a map to show where the venue is:



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