From breeze blocks to gallery.

Here, as promised, are the pictures of  us setting up the shop for the exhibition this weekend. This is the space before we started; a breeze block wonderland.

This is Emily Angus painting away. She is one of the other artists and also the organiser of the ‘The Directors Cut‘ exhibition. Emily does very beautiful and really detailed drawings and has an amazing glowing wardrobe. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and Narnia, very magical.

Also helping with the decorating was Matt Plummer. He has a Surrey based branding agency MDA Agency and is a dab hand with a paint brush – although it does look like he has equally as much paint on himself as on the wall.

I also dragged my friend Caroline along to help with the painting. In return she was rewarded with my amazing company. I also gave her an old t-shirt to wear over her clothes – such a thoughtful friend. Emily’s boyfriend Chris was also lending a hand.

To keep us all going I made a batch of biscuits. They were very, very, very, good…even if I do say so myself. I have named them super chocolate chocolate chip biscuits. The two sides are sandwiched together with a chocolate cream filling. And if you needed any extra reason to come along on Saturday (other than, of course, to see my wonderful work) there will be some freshly baked biscuits for you to try.



4 thoughts on “From breeze blocks to gallery.

  1. Looking great ! .. since I can’t get there look forward to seeing the exhibition on line.

    Good Luck withit !


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