Party time.

My sister liked the Christmas Robins I made her for her so much that she asked me to make her another set of cards – this time birthday cards.

Birthdays always make me think of party balloons. I started with just one balloon, but it looked so lonely I had to add another and then another…

The final design is a roomful of balloons all floating on the ceiling – exactly what I would want on my birthday (hint, hint).

I actually found this card quite hard to do. My prints normally have many layers and I am used to thinking in terms of layers of backward images piled one on top of another. It was a little disconcerting to be able to see clearly how the image was going to look before I had printed it – I did think for a moment I had done something really wrong and missed out a crucial step!  Saying that I am very pleased with the balloons (and so is Katherine).

As well as the birthday cards I was asked to print, I also printed the balloons onto postcards. I thought they would make good notecards or invitations.

After packaging the notecards up for Folksy, I discovered I have a few left over. I thought I would give them away to one (or two) lucky readers of my blog. To be in with a chance of winning the cards, just leave a comment below. The winner(s) will be chosen at random on Friday evening.


4 thoughts on “Party time.

  1. They are lovely cards Anne, as are the ones I brought at your exhibition. You are a very talented artist and a great inspiration to me as it has made me think of ideas to try at home – don’t worry no competition, just some doodles to keep me going.

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