Dutch oddities.

At the end of April I went to Amsterdam with my friends. While I was wandering around the narrow lanes that surround the canals, I found this wonderful little shop that sold all sorts of beautiful oddities including these envelopes:

I instantly picked up two packs of the envelopes to buy. Despite the many technological forms of communication available, I am still a bit of an old-fashioned girl and I much prefer to write letters than to type them (unless I am typing on my baby blue 60’s typewriter!) I also thought these envelopes would look good on my sisters staircase.

Katherine is not allowed to nail things into her wall, so has instead covered the railings of her stairs with postcards, tickets, envelopes and even a couple of my pictures :). As the main recipient of my scrawled ramblings I tend to shop with Katherine’s staircase in mind.
The idea of using comics and pictures to make envelopes is not an entirely new idea to me. For the Christmas robin and Squiggle Tree last year I made envelopes from the pages of Crash magazine. If you find interesting paper or have pages from your sketch book that you don’t want to keep anymore, an envelope is a great way to recycle it.  Personalised envelopes are also a nice way to make your letters unique – and they are really easy to make, all need is a roll of double-sided sticky tape.

Christmas robin envelopes.

I also bought some funky writing paper – each page has a different hand drawn image on it. Below are a couple of examples from the pad.   Something else for my sister to decorate her flat with! There are a few odd designs, but I like the idea behind them. They should make a nice change from paper aeroplane instructions on which her recent letters have all been written – these apparently have been folded and are hanging from the lighting rail. although I haven’t seen them yet.


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