Icy art in Amsterdam.

Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, together with the World Wildlife Fund, staged an installation art piece at Berlin’s concert hall back in 2009 consisting of one thousand ice men sitting on the steps outside. The event was put on to raise attention to the melting of the Earth’s polar ice regions due to global warming. A smaller version of this was being staged  in Amsterdam when I visited last month. It was truly beautiful to just sit and watch the little men and women as they slowly melted  in the sunlight.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the photos I took in Amsterdam – we all shared a camera and I haven’t managed to copy the memory card yet. The images below are taken from the web. I have given the appropriate credits where relevant.


As well as visiting the dripping sculpture, we also went to the art market. It has a great atmosphere, especially when the sun is out. There are many treasures to be found on display, including the work of the engraver Wim van der Meij. According to Win, it takes him up to three months to make one of his engraving plates. After seeing the plates and images close up I can totally believe it. The plates are so intricate and delicate – lino cutting takes patience, these engravings must have required nerves of steel! I don’t know how he managed it. If I had had more luggage space I would definitely have bought one to take home. As it was I had to settle for the postcards instead.
if I had more than hand luggage I would have had one to take home.

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