Versatile blogger nomination.

Linda Cote recently nominated me for the versatile blogger award. I received the award on a Monday morning – it was a great way to start the week. Linda has a lovely blog ‘Musings from an art studio‘ on which you can see some of her beautiful artwork. Well worth a look if you haven’t come across it already.

The rules of the award ask that I nominate 15 blogs that I think deserve the Versatile Blogger Award and give you seven facts about myself.

So here are the blogs (in no particular order):

1. Paul Karabin KRBN: A British artist who now lives in Holland. He is amongst other things a print artist and prints on a wide range of materials. I particularly like his recent Dutch house series printed on linen.

2. Karen McRae  drawandshoot: Karen’s was one of the first blogs I came across when I joined WordPress. Karen is a wonderful photographer, with a really good eye for catching how light interacts with objects. I find it very easy to spend hours looking at her images. I think Karen may have already been nominated for this award, but I couldn’t leave her off my list.

3. Caitlin Clarkson Illustration callmecaitlin: Calitlin is an illustrator fom Los Angeles, California. One of my favourite pieces of hers is her anibet. She very cleverly designed an alphabet using an animal for each letter. My favourite letters are the A and the O.

4. Amyorangejuice: Amy is a glass artist. Not only does she have a great blog, but she also makes lovely stained glass. Both my Mum and I have pieces or hers hanging in our windows.

5. mkdickerson: This blog features a 365 day art bird challenge. Every bird is unique and made out of something different from marshmallows to paint to sand to money. It definitely opens your mind and gets you thinking about art differently.

6. Alice Harwood: Alice is another printmaker. I really like how she incorporates fabrics and textures into her work.

7. Ali and Sandy Very berry handmade: The focus of this blog is on fabric crafts. It is a great place for tips on sewing, quilting and fabrics. There are various step by step guides, book recommendations and giveaways.

8. Dharma our dharma initiative: This blog is written by a very old friend of mine. It follows the adventures of her adoption of Dharma – a very loveable bearded collie.

9. Ali Chappell: This is another of the first blogs I came across. Ali is a graphic illustrator, with a love of sunflowers!

10. Mini-eco: Go to the tutorials pages on this blog and you will find some amazing things to make, from your own string tie envelopes to your own play-dough and dyes. This isone off my favourite finds.

11. Wab-Sabi Wanderings: This is a blog about a family that live on a farm. Check out the tin can windsock – totally wonderful.

12. Ariana Crow Roosters Crow: I am also a bit of a baking fan and along with some good recipes this blog features some great kitchen design ideas like bread spoons; measuring spoons that give you the exact quantities for a loaf of bread. Genius!

13.  woodandrope: I do like a good theme and woodandrope takes nautical to the next level. The anchor buttons are beyond charming.

14. Imaginarylea: I love this blog, the drawing style is so different from mine. It is so nice to look at art by someone who does the same thing as you, but in such a different way, that you have to stop and think about why you do the thing the way you do (not change it, but just think about it).

15. Redroit: A bit of everything and always interesting to read. Interesting and inspirational ideas and art.

And finally seven facts about myself:
1. I love everything that is green.
2. Peas are my favourite food, possibly because they are green. But they also taste good.
3. I have read all the Sharpe books and have a secret crush on Sean Bean.
4. My favourite day of the week is Wednesday, mainly because it is spelt strangely.
5. I am half Welsh.
6. Irises are my favourite flower.
7. I have Mr Motivator’s signature and attended his exercise class when I was 7.


6 thoughts on “Versatile blogger nomination.

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  2. Wow Anne, what an honour, and thank you greatly for the appreciation! Youvé also made my day too now.

    I must add I did have a witty laugh when reading the 7 facts about yourself. I feel your crush is not so secret now tho (I once bumped into Sean Bean when I first moved over to A’Dam, he was searching through the shelves of denim jeans next to me in a big department store. I must say he has a definite impressive presence about him. Hope this adds to your fantasy).

    Thanks again.


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