A walk around the park.

The final part of our dOCUMENTA (13) tour was a walk around the park at Kassel. The park featured installations of various types from giant carrots to timebanks to a life-size bronze tree.

Karlsaue Park

The photo below shows a full sized bronze tree, with a boulder balanced in the branches. I think this must have been cast from a real tree. It was hollow and looked completely real. It was only when you got up close and could see the bronze glinting that you realised it wasn’t.

Bronze tree.

Tree carrots…a little bit of light relief.

The wooden hut below housed the time bank. It featured an exhibition on time and money. It posed some interesting questions on the value of money, but felt more like an historical exhibition that art.

Time bank.

I really enjoyed my trip to dOCUMENTA (13), it is a shame that I am not here for longer as I barely scratched the surface on what the festival has to offer. If you are planning a visit, I was told that the Neue Galerie is really worth stopping at, but I didn’t get the chance to confirm this.

The weekend with my sister finished with a little baking. These date and walnut cookies from treatsandfeasts are really yummy!

Date and walnut cookies.


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