Seattle bound.

The last few weeks have been very hectic for me. I got offered the chance to go to Seattle for six months, to help the little girl I work with settle in as her family emigrates. It is a wonderful opportunity and I am very excited about spending the rest of this year in Seattle.

Sadly it means my Art will have to take a back burner for a little while. The weight limitation on the plane mean that I can’t really take my printing press with me! It is not going to be completely forgotten though and I have a few plans of things to do in my spare time while I am here. For the next few months my blog will take on a slightly different theme and style as I blog about Seattle and my experiences in addition to my art.

If anyone has any suggestions of places to go and things to do, please let me know. I was going to put a picture here of my half packed suitcase, but my camera is already packed. Seattle here I come!


4 thoughts on “Seattle bound.

  1. Have fun, Anne! Seattle is a beautiful city, you will love it! A very fun place is Pike’s Market (, particularly good for foodies (if a bit “touristy”. Make sure to stop by the fish market where you can see the staff tossing fish. And, of course, the Seattle Art Museum ( is an inspiring place. And, once you are there, look up the art stores: Daniel Smith Art Supplies and Utrecht Art Supplies. DS would definitely carry some “portable” speedball block printing supplies you could do by hand, without your press & at home without too much mess. Looking forward to hearing about it. Happy travels!

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