A walk around Lake Washington.

My first week in Seattle has gone by really quickly. I had no time for jet-lag as I started working almost as soon as I arrived. Saturday was my first day off and gave me the chance to explore the area around where I am currently living – Kirkland. Since, I haven’t yet sorted out a car I had to go on foot. I did get a few odd looks from people driving past me, but that may have been because I was out walking in the baking heat of the midday sun (it was 30°C on Saturday), rather than just the fact that I was out walking! My walk took me from my flat (apartment) along the shore of Lake Washington to Carillon Point and then into Kirkland town centre.

This bench has the potential for being a prefect place to sit and sketch!

I found this lovely glass sculpture on the lake front. It was made by Andrew Carson from Seattle. I now really want to go and visit the Seattle glass works and see what else they have done. The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine by the pool at the apartment and having a BBQ. So far Seattle definitely has a thumbs up from me!


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