Last weekend in Kirkland all the roads were blocked off for the annual Summerfest.  So on Saturday I walked into the town to see what all the fuss was about. It was great fun, although I did manage to get quite sunburnt (despite the factor 50 sun cream I was wearing)! The town was full of things for the kids to do,  live music, yummy food and many different art stalls.

 The walk into Kirkland once again took me past Carillon point. The many hidden statues from a hidden fish in a little lake-side river, to leapfrogging children beside a playground make this walk a really nice adventure. The Seattle sky-line and the Olympic Mountains are also pretty good!

The Families by Michael Dennis. This is dedicated to the families of Carillon point.

Nautilus by Ullrich Pekker. Stainless steel and bronze with Petina.

Leap Frog by Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel.

The Water Bearers by Glenna Goodacre.

When I arrived in Kirkland, I found that  the main road  had been closed.

Around the lake front they had more sculptures. These had been moved in from other places just for the Summerfest. There were also lots of different artists and craft makers demonstrating their artwork. The artists ranged from t-shirt printers, to painters, to woodturners.
As well as demonstrations, there were also many different artists selling their work. I had great fun going round all the stalls to see what was there. I have many more pictures to share with you, but it is now time for work, so they will have to wait until tomorrow!

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