Summerfest Art

As promised here are some pictures of the artists (and their work) who were exhibiting at the Summerfest in Kirkland on Saturday. There were a real variety of people there.

Bob & Melanie Delaney. Blackwaters Metal. I loved this beast, he is so full of character. If I win the lottery…

This was hidden down an alleyway and was definitely my favourite find of the day.

I think this was done for Mother’s Day in 2000.

To keep myself hydrated I went to the ‘Rococco’ coffee shop. Being the traditionalist I went for a tea based drink called ‘London Fog’. It turned out to be a latte but with black tea. Very nice.
As I said in my last post, many sculptures were shipped in from outside and put on display in Kirkland for the festival.

This is similar to some of those at Carillon point. I think it would be great with some chimes to sing out when the wind blows.

The water from this was great to cool off the feet. Its nice to just sit and listen to running water – very relaxing.

Argent Spiral by Micajah Bienvenu. On sale for only $15,000!

The were a series of these silvery metal sculptures. Lovely with the sunlight reflecting off them.

Spent Spinner by Micajah Bienvenu.


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