The squiggles become cards.

Before I came out to the USA, I did find a little time to print the squiggle designs on to cards. I left the cards with my sister to package up and post on folksy for me. Over the last couple of days, Katherine has been printing, wrapping and photographing everything for me. Today she started to put everything up on folksy. The multipacks of the cards have all been gift-wrapped with matching ribbon. I am hoping that people will like them. I think they would make lovely gifts or stocking fillers – but then I am a little biased.

Here are some of the photos to show you what she has been up to. If you like what you see then please visit folksy.

Squiggle fish.

I printed the squiggle fish design in blue, purple and green to start with.

Squiggle fish, wrapped and ready to send.

Squiggle People.

Squiggle people comes in orange, green and purple. I really like the way that this design came out.

Wrapped with matching ribbon.

There is also the bird design, but this is not yet online. Katherine had some new rubber stamps made for me, which she printed onto the backside of each card. One says ‘Good enough to frame’ and the other ‘Handprinted and designed by’.

New rubber stamp

In addition to these, Katherine also added some of my older cards onto folksy. Looking through me posts, I don’t think I have shared these pieces with you. These designs are all bird related. Although they were all printed on cards, I think that they would look great hung on the wall – in fact I have a couple hung on my wall!

Birds at dusk.

Birds singing

Bird on fence

Bird on fence. This is actually the only print I made of this design with a single layer. All the others were a double layer print in the purple and blue.








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