Who’s a pretty polly?

While sorting out the cards for my sister, I also decided it was time to go through some of my prints. Every time a new print comes into being, the older ones get tucked away for safe keeping and dare I say it … forgotten. It was fun sitting down and looking through them all, tracing my development and changing style over the years. When I started out, my subjects were generally people. The prints had fewer layers and were perhaps not as complex as some of my later prints. This was partly because I didn’t have a printing press. Each layer had to be hand-pressed, which can be hard work. For this reason the prints were often smaller as well.

Then I got my press…I went through a flower phase:

Field of Daisies

A bonfire night phase (this one is still ongoing):


I still like people, although they have developed quite a lot from the early days:

Striped Lady


And then there were the parrots. I am still not 100% sure how I feel about these prints and I have never shown them before. I would be interested to see what you all think.


Parrot perching



4 thoughts on “Who’s a pretty polly?

    • Thank you Karen. I was really pleased with the daisies, especially the subtle colour changes between the different layers. The striped lady was trickier than it looked – cutting straight lines out of Lino is not as simple as I initially thought it would be!

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