Vancouver – Kits beach and Shannon Falls

My plans in the USA changed and I ended up popping over the border and visiting a friend in Vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful city full of very friendly people. In the summer you can enjoy the beach, sea and hiking in the mountains. In the winter there is skiing and snowboarding. I’ll admit I was quite tempted just to stay there and not come back!

I’m afraid that my trip to Vancouver was not very art orientated, but I thought I would share the pictures and adventures anyway (And there is a little bit of art in there!)

 My first stop in Vancouver was to the beach, Kitsilano beach or Kits beach to the locals. Not only can you sit and enjoy the sun and swim in the sea, but you get to do this with the backdrop of the city sky line. The tide was so far out that I was able to walk out and stand next to the deep water marker.

My second stop was Shannon Falls. This is popular with hikers and those looking for an after work work-out. I think is should instead be called an instrument of torture! The hike is known as “The Chief”. I would not recommend it to anyone who does not like steps, or who is not a fan of real mountain climbing. To get to Shannon Falls I was ‘forced’ into doing the first part of the climb and was quite glad that I didn’t have to do the rest of it. I did really enjoy Shannon Falls though.

I should perhaps say that the view from The Chief is supposed to be amazing, so if you are a climbing fan and in Vancouver then give it a go.

And for the art…in my family it is traditional to get a fabric patch as a souvenir whenever we visit somewhere, I got this patch…tenuous I know!


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