Art in Vancouver (well sort of).

Another stop while I was in Vancouver was Granville Island. It is a cute little place with a really nice brewery. I suppose the main attraction though are the markets and artisan shops- both food and craft. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me, so I didn’t take any photos of the art I saw, but I do have some links and business cards (which are quite arty). I did however, manage to steal some pictures of the food maret from Katherine who has also been to Vancouver and Granville Island.

Fruit and Vegetables market Granville Island

Yummy fresh fish.

These business cards are from my favourite of the artisan shops. This glass studio had some lovely and rather funky items. I also really like their business card: easy to remember what it was that you saw and liked!

The were also some rather odd places. The brooms in Broom Co. were great, but I couldn’t work out how the shop survived selling only brooms, especially as I think some people are only in there pretending to be Harry Potter!

Another of my favourties was paper-ya. They have some beautiful hand-made papers and original stationary. I ended up buying a gift for my sister in there. She likes customising her clothes, so I bought a book of iron on images.

The designs are cut out and then ironed on.

And here is the first of the customised t-shirts:


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