Origami Envelopes

I had this idea for a project to do while I was away, but I never quite had time to get it properly started. Now that I am back, and have some time, I thought that I would give it a go – and since I have access to my press again, I can also design some prints to use!

The idea is origami envelopes. I found the instructions below on the internet for folding envelopes from a rectangular piece of paper. The original idea was to use them to send personalised letters home to my sister. The design can be drawn on one side and the letter written on the other. Once it is ready and folded it can be put in the post and sent on its way.

 The first step was to make a template to work from – and to practise folding to make sure I could get it right.

These show the front and back of the envelope respectively.

Then it was just a case of folding:

I made two designs with doodles while I was away.
Now to get the printing press out…

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