Gänseliesel – the final print

It has been almost a month exactly since I started working on the Gänseliesel print. It would have been finished a lot earlier however, I decided half way through printing that I didn’t like the way it was coming out. It is hard to change the print one you have started cutting, so this meant getting out a new piece of lino and starting again. The main problem was that I couldn’t get the colour in the flowers to work properly. I had imagined a silhouette image with coloured flowers, but it just didn’t look right. The new version solves this problem by using colour in the whole image. It also has a more exciting background, which before was just white. Although, this is quite different to the original plan I am really pleased with the way it came out. I think she looks very peaceful and serene.

First layer.

Second layer

Third layer

Final image.

I did a run of 20 prints for this image. I haven’t check them all properly yet, but I think there are at least 15 that I am happy 100% happy with. The image itself is A5 size and the card it is printed on is A4. I have priced it at £20. If you are interested then just drop me a message.






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