An alternative use for lino cutters

As some of you know, I work in a school. Last week we went on a trip to Garsons farm in Surrey to pick pumpkins. One of the perks of going was taking home a pumpkin to carve. However, I also had the class pumpkin to do and since the children I work with are so young, I had avoid anything scary.

I decided to carve a repunzal themed pumpkin for the class. This was a fairly intricate design, so instead of the standard sharp knife, I got out my equally, well maybe more, sharp lino cutters. This was much easier on the wrists, and allowed me to carve a design that would otherwise have been impossible.

The pumpkin with a nighttime tree scene is mine. And now sits outside my house waiting for the trick or treaters!


IMG_0551  IMG_0548  IMG_0545 IMG_0550IMG_4289IMG_5516  IMG_0552


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