Jigsaw fish

I’ve been living in boxes for almost a year. But its finally time to unpack everything. In the box I was sorting out yesterday, I found a gift from last Christmas, unopened and forgotten. The gift in question is a 3D Angelfish jigsaw model. Naturally, I instantly stopped unpacking and set to make the model.

IMG_0646 copy

The instructions (if you could call them that) were awful, consisting of a picture with numbered pieces but no indication of how they should go together, or in what order. All you get is a picture of the finished model.




The whole process was very satisfying. Although as soon as I finished, I noted the comment on painting, or drawing the puzzle. Really this should be step 1 – much easier to paint the pieces before putting the model together. I’m sure I can find a way to do this without taking it apart though. Just need to find the box with the paints…



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