Impatient printer

I know I said in the last post that I would wait until I had put up drying lines before printing, but that isn’t going to happen for a while and I decided I couldn’t wait!

When printing a dry point etching, the first thing I do is prepare the ink. My choice of ink is oil based printers ink mixed with Vaseline (yes the stuff used for dry lips). Using the side of a spatula, I spread a small amount of the ink mix over the top of the etching plate, covering all the etched areas.

I then use gauze to push the ink into the lines and remove excess ink from the plate. Finally, I take tissue paper to clean the plate leaving a clean etching plate with scratched lines filled with ink.

To print, you have to use wet paper. I typically place the paper into water and then dry it off between two tea towels. I used blotting paper this time, but a much heavier weight paper works better. (I have some on order). I’m not convinced the blotting paper works as well as it could — but it is great for lino printing.

The last step is running the paper-etch sandwich through a tight printing press.



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