First flight of the butterfly 

Now that I have done the etchings, I am ready to go back to the lino butterfly I was cutting out.  I finished cutting out the wings and started on the first print.  Since I can’t seem to get enough of yellow things at the moment, I decided on a yellow background for the wings. I mixed white, yellow and a little bit of magenta to make a warm pastel yellow ink. I added a touch of linseed oil. I use the oil to thin the paint, and it also acts as a drying agent, speeding the process up a bit.

After rolling out some of the ink onto a glass plate, I used a large diameter roller to transfer the ink evenly to my cut lino.

After placing the lino ink side down on the paper, I marked the four corners of the paper with pencil — this makes it easier to line the lino plate up accurately when it comes to printing the subsequent layers.

Then everything goes through the press.

With lino there is no going back — once I start to cut into the wings I won’t be able to print the yellow layer again. I decided on a 12 print run (assuming they all work). Still no drying line, so they are on the table for now.


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