Finally some printing

On Sunday I finally found the time to start printing a bee!

The first cuts into the lino.


The first print.

The first layer always looks very strange, lots of random lines and voids. But I promise there is method to the madness and the lines are not random at all. Only 8-10 layers to go.


Can’t go wrong with glitter

The pantomime is only 4 days away and I thought I had better finish the bits of the set I am painting before the director has a nervous break down!

Cinderella’s coach.


Cinderella’s coach.

It’s quite hard to see in the photo, but the entire coach is coated with supper fine glitter to give it magic and sparkle.

Green Glitter.


Gold and Yellow Glitter



Any good fairy story has a transformation scene. For Cinderella at the Nomad Theatre a pumpkin will turn into a coach and it’s my job to make it look right. Today I started painting and this is as far as I got. 

First I painted the pumpkin shape and the grey background — the wheels and vegetation will go on top of this later.

Then  I folded over the hinged section and painted the beginning of the coach.