Art in Vancouver (well sort of).

Another stop while I was in Vancouver was Granville Island. It is a cute little place with a really nice brewery. I suppose the main attraction though are the markets and artisan shops- both food and craft. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me, so I didn’t take any photos of the art I saw, but I do have some links and business cards (which are quite arty). I did however, manage to steal some pictures of the food maret from Katherine who has also been to Vancouver and Granville Island.

Fruit and Vegetables market Granville Island

Yummy fresh fish.

These business cards are from my favourite of the artisan shops. This glass studio had some lovely and rather funky items. I also really like their business card: easy to remember what it was that you saw and liked!

The were also some rather odd places. The brooms in Broom Co. were great, but I couldn’t work out how the shop survived selling only brooms, especially as I think some people are only in there pretending to be Harry Potter!

Another of my favourties was paper-ya. They have some beautiful hand-made papers and original stationary. I ended up buying a gift for my sister in there. She likes customising her clothes, so I bought a book of iron on images.

The designs are cut out and then ironed on.

And here is the first of the customised t-shirts:


The best tacos…ever!

I can’t talk about going to Vancouver without mentioning the food.  Vancouver is in general a great place to eat, but there is one place in particular that I ate in that is worth mentioning. In fact it was so good it is worth a whole blog of its own!

I have been to mexico and I lived in South America for a year and while there I came to love tacos. I am a big fan of tacos and could happily them everyday,  so I do not say this lightly. La Taqueria in Vancouver has the best tacos (I had their fish tacos) that I have ever had. They were totally amazing. The restaurant also has some pretty cool stationary and wall art to enjoy while you eat. If you go to Vancouver then I definitely recommend that you check out La Taqueria (2549 Cambie St) for yourself…

Vancouver – Kits beach and Shannon Falls

My plans in the USA changed and I ended up popping over the border and visiting a friend in Vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful city full of very friendly people. In the summer you can enjoy the beach, sea and hiking in the mountains. In the winter there is skiing and snowboarding. I’ll admit I was quite tempted just to stay there and not come back!

I’m afraid that my trip to Vancouver was not very art orientated, but I thought I would share the pictures and adventures anyway (And there is a little bit of art in there!)

 My first stop in Vancouver was to the beach, Kitsilano beach or Kits beach to the locals. Not only can you sit and enjoy the sun and swim in the sea, but you get to do this with the backdrop of the city sky line. The tide was so far out that I was able to walk out and stand next to the deep water marker.

My second stop was Shannon Falls. This is popular with hikers and those looking for an after work work-out. I think is should instead be called an instrument of torture! The hike is known as “The Chief”. I would not recommend it to anyone who does not like steps, or who is not a fan of real mountain climbing. To get to Shannon Falls I was ‘forced’ into doing the first part of the climb and was quite glad that I didn’t have to do the rest of it. I did really enjoy Shannon Falls though.

I should perhaps say that the view from The Chief is supposed to be amazing, so if you are a climbing fan and in Vancouver then give it a go.

And for the art…in my family it is traditional to get a fabric patch as a souvenir whenever we visit somewhere, I got this patch…tenuous I know!

A quiet moment to draw

This weekend I found a quiet moment to sit and draw. Since I didn’t want to bring lots of art equipment with me (or rather I couldn’t because they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase), I decided to try out something new that was easily transportable. My medium of choice is ink pencils. They look like normal colouring pencils, but behave more like pens. You can also use them like water colours. In the two pictures below you can see my first attempts to use the pencils with water brushes.

Summerfest Art

As promised here are some pictures of the artists (and their work) who were exhibiting at the Summerfest in Kirkland on Saturday. There were a real variety of people there.

Bob & Melanie Delaney. Blackwaters Metal. I loved this beast, he is so full of character. If I win the lottery…

This was hidden down an alleyway and was definitely my favourite find of the day.

I think this was done for Mother’s Day in 2000.

To keep myself hydrated I went to the ‘Rococco’ coffee shop. Being the traditionalist I went for a tea based drink called ‘London Fog’. It turned out to be a latte but with black tea. Very nice.
As I said in my last post, many sculptures were shipped in from outside and put on display in Kirkland for the festival.

This is similar to some of those at Carillon point. I think it would be great with some chimes to sing out when the wind blows.

The water from this was great to cool off the feet. Its nice to just sit and listen to running water – very relaxing.

Argent Spiral by Micajah Bienvenu. On sale for only $15,000!

The were a series of these silvery metal sculptures. Lovely with the sunlight reflecting off them.

Spent Spinner by Micajah Bienvenu.


Last weekend in Kirkland all the roads were blocked off for the annual Summerfest.  So on Saturday I walked into the town to see what all the fuss was about. It was great fun, although I did manage to get quite sunburnt (despite the factor 50 sun cream I was wearing)! The town was full of things for the kids to do,  live music, yummy food and many different art stalls.

 The walk into Kirkland once again took me past Carillon point. The many hidden statues from a hidden fish in a little lake-side river, to leapfrogging children beside a playground make this walk a really nice adventure. The Seattle sky-line and the Olympic Mountains are also pretty good!

The Families by Michael Dennis. This is dedicated to the families of Carillon point.

Nautilus by Ullrich Pekker. Stainless steel and bronze with Petina.

Leap Frog by Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel.

The Water Bearers by Glenna Goodacre.

When I arrived in Kirkland, I found that  the main road  had been closed.

Around the lake front they had more sculptures. These had been moved in from other places just for the Summerfest. There were also lots of different artists and craft makers demonstrating their artwork. The artists ranged from t-shirt printers, to painters, to woodturners.
As well as demonstrations, there were also many different artists selling their work. I had great fun going round all the stalls to see what was there. I have many more pictures to share with you, but it is now time for work, so they will have to wait until tomorrow!

A walk around Lake Washington.

My first week in Seattle has gone by really quickly. I had no time for jet-lag as I started working almost as soon as I arrived. Saturday was my first day off and gave me the chance to explore the area around where I am currently living – Kirkland. Since, I haven’t yet sorted out a car I had to go on foot. I did get a few odd looks from people driving past me, but that may have been because I was out walking in the baking heat of the midday sun (it was 30°C on Saturday), rather than just the fact that I was out walking! My walk took me from my flat (apartment) along the shore of Lake Washington to Carillon Point and then into Kirkland town centre.

This bench has the potential for being a prefect place to sit and sketch!

I found this lovely glass sculpture on the lake front. It was made by Andrew Carson from Seattle. I now really want to go and visit the Seattle glass works and see what else they have done. The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine by the pool at the apartment and having a BBQ. So far Seattle definitely has a thumbs up from me!