Bee layer three

The third layer. I won’t bore you with the long list of reasons it took me so long to get started on this; it is an extremely long list! Slowly coming together.


Still buzzing

Images don’t always work out as they are supposed to. Still thinking about bees, my latest sketch is a bee on a hive. It has some good points, but as you can see the bee is a little lost. In hindsight, I should have sketched this in colour, with black, brown and yellow layers to help separate the bee from the honey comb background. It has potential though.

All a buzz

On a recent trip to LA, my sister took these wonderful photographs of bees. The photos set my artistic juices flowing!

photo by Katherine Wright

photo by Katherine Wright

Bees are a subject that I have worked on before and that I really enjoy drawing. Here are my latest offerings.


I will have to do some more sketches before I decide where to take these pictures,  but right now I am thinking a combined Lino and etch piece.