Bee layer three

The third layer. I won’t bore you with the long list of reasons it took me so long to get started on this; it is an extremely long list! Slowly coming together.

Bee layer two

Bee layer two

The second layer of my bee has been printed. The colour of this layer is very close to that of the first. This is because I want to add some depth to the image later on.

lino ready for printing

Print with two layers.

Hybrid bird

Hybrid bird

For this piece I wanted to mix different printing techniques, adding a background to the etch that would be completely original.

Before printing I mixed up all the inks I wanted with linseed oil. This makes life a lot less rushed once printing gets going and avoids paints drying out.

The mono printing process requires wet paper, so first it gets a water bath soaking.

water bath for paper.

Using a paintbrush and white spirit I painted the inks on plastic sheeting then placed it on the paper and ran the plate-ink-paper sandwich through the press.

Ink applyed to the printing plate.

I repeated this process six times to get six different images. After printing each piece of paper I placed them back in the water bath so that they didn’t dry out before the next step.

the six mono prints.

Then I used printers ink mixed with Vaseline to grind into the etching plate and put the sandwich through another roll of the press.

mono print with etching bird on top. 

Each image is different. Some of them work and some of them really don’t, but that is part of the fun.

the finished prints hanging up to dry.


Little bird

This little bird is a combination of a very simple mono print and a dry point etching. Because of the mono print, the colour underneath is bird is the same, and yet very different.

First I placed a plate of toughened glass over the etching and painted a yellow bird shape.

Inked plate before printing.


Then I ran it through the press.

After running the plate through the press.


Little bird layer 1.

Then the prints went for a bath to make the paper wet for the etch print.

The etching plate after printing.


Finished Little bird.

The final image is small and simple, but effective.

Finally some printing

On Sunday I finally found the time to start printing a bee!

The first cuts into the lino.


The first print.

The first layer always looks very strange, lots of random lines and voids. But I promise there is method to the madness and the lines are not random at all. Only 8-10 layers to go.

Still buzzing

Images don’t always work out as they are supposed to. Still thinking about bees, my latest sketch is a bee on a hive. It has some good points, but as you can see the bee is a little lost. In hindsight, I should have sketched this in colour, with black, brown and yellow layers to help separate the bee from the honey comb background. It has potential though.