Pen and Ink in Ludlow 

This week I am away visiting my family in Ludlow and enjoying the sunshine. The sun inspired me to get outside with my sketch book and pen to do a few sketches.  

The house as viewed from the garden. 5 min pen drawing.


Small corner of Ludlow Castle. 5 min pen drawing.

Flower in the garden. 5 min pen drawing with ink pencils and water.

Horthorn by the fence. 10 min ink pencils with water sketch.


A walk in the park

Picking my sister up from the airport yesterday reminded me of the sketches I did when I last saw her. In April, I went out for two weeks to visit her in Long Island, New York. The trip involved wine tasting, sitting on the beach, and walking around Central Park, amongst other things. I meant to share these at the time – better late than never!