Tea towels

The last few days have been spent folding, rolling and wrapping tea towels. After the success of the squiggle heart canvas bag, I decided that I would put my design onto something else. The squiggle designs work quite well for printing onto textules as they are relatively simple and only require one colour. Rather than bags I decided to screen print the designs on to tea towels. The designs I chose were ‘Three little girls’ and ‘Carrots’. I still need to take some better pictures, but here are the ones I have so far. I was having a little trouble getting nice images of the full length tea towels. If anyone has any good ideas let me know.

people v2


carrots visual





They are available on folksy. Just click here to visit the shop.




The squiggles become cards.

Before I came out to the USA, I did find a little time to print the squiggle designs on to cards. I left the cards with my sister to package up and post on folksy for me. Over the last couple of days, Katherine has been printing, wrapping and photographing everything for me. Today she started to put everything up on folksy. The multipacks of the cards have all been gift-wrapped with matching ribbon. I am hoping that people will like them. I think they would make lovely gifts or stocking fillers – but then I am a little biased.

Here are some of the photos to show you what she has been up to. If you like what you see then please visit folksy.

Squiggle fish.

I printed the squiggle fish design in blue, purple and green to start with.

Squiggle fish, wrapped and ready to send.

Squiggle People.

Squiggle people comes in orange, green and purple. I really like the way that this design came out.

Wrapped with matching ribbon.

There is also the bird design, but this is not yet online. Katherine had some new rubber stamps made for me, which she printed onto the backside of each card. One says ‘Good enough to frame’ and the other ‘Handprinted and designed by’.

New rubber stamp

In addition to these, Katherine also added some of my older cards onto folksy. Looking through me posts, I don’t think I have shared these pieces with you. These designs are all bird related. Although they were all printed on cards, I think that they would look great hung on the wall – in fact I have a couple hung on my wall!

Birds at dusk.

Birds singing

Bird on fence

Bird on fence. This is actually the only print I made of this design with a single layer. All the others were a double layer print in the purple and blue.







Birthday bag

Today was my birthday! I had a lovely day with my family and got some lovely gifts. I wanted to share one of them in particular with you. For my birthday Katherine took my squiggle heart design, inverted it and had it printed onto a canvas reusable shopping bag.


She also has some labels made with “Designed by Anne E. Thomas thelinoprinter.wordpress.com”. These were mounted and put onto the back side of the bag.


I am very, very pleased with my present! In addition to my ‘present’ bag, there were some extras to try out on folksy. I will put these up tomorrow and see what happens.


Squiggle Doodles.

This week I finally had some time to get out into the shed and work on my art. There are now a number of pieces in the process of being printed. The inspiration for all of them were some squiggle doodles that my sister and I did last weekend. The idea of the squiggle doodle is to draw an image without lifting the pencil from the paper. Some of you may remember the squiggle heart and the Christmas tree card from last year. I wanted to add a couple of new squiggles to the collection and since it was raining most of the weekend we had a brain storming doodle session.

Here are some of the doodles that we did. If you click on an image then the slide show should come up so you can see them better. Let me know what you think. I would be interested to know which are your favourites. Hopefully, you will like the ones I chose to print! Also don’t forget only four more days of my folksy sale.

Folksy sale.

It has been nearly six months since I started my Folksy shop. So far it has been doing fairly well – I have sold things! (And not just to my sister.) Some of the items however are going to expire soon – Folksy lets you list items for six months at a time. Rather than having to relist the expired items, it would be great to sell them instead and find them a happy wall to hang on, or a sunny mantle piece to sit on. I have therefore created a sale in my shop. 20% off everything which expires in June. The sale includes cards and original prints (some of which can be seen in the slide show below). The sale will last as long as the items remain listed. Happy shopping!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Easily influenced.

For Mother’s Day my sister and I bought our Mum a string of stained glass bunting to decorate the conservatory with. The bunting was from AmyOrangeJuice. You can see her folksy shop here and her blog here.

The photos don’t really do the bunting justice. It looks wonderful with the sun streaming through the window. It really sparkles.

My sister phoned up when the bunting arrived to see what it looked like. While we were chatting, I was doodling away in my notebook. This is the result:

Ever since I have had bunting on the brain! I often find, when I put the phone down, that without thinking about it I have been drawing something related to the conversation I was having.¬† Recently there has been a lot of talk about the tomatoes and peppers Katherine is growing… if I start posting vegetable pictures you will know who to blame!